CPT before CPT

When you write 5 Mock CPT Exams, the CPT Exam will just be another Mock Exam. Get the best preparation and analyse your results in depth. All papers consisting of 200 marks are set as per the trends in the past 16 CPT Exam attempts. There is no better way to prepare than this

With this, you get:

  • 5 full fledged mock CPT exams covering 200 marks each
  • Time taken per question, per chapter, per subject and per exam
  • Detailed solutions for all questions
  • Chapter-wise accuracy reports and score

Note : Though you can attempt the questions once, you can review them and analyse the answers any number of times.

Scroll down to see a detailed list of tests in this package


  1. Practice Test Series 1
  2. Practice Test Series 2
  3. Practice Test Series 3
  4. All India Test Series 1
  5. All India Test Series 2
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