General Economics chapter-wise

If you are have trouble understanding how to read the demand and supply curve, various cost curves etc and wish to improve your performance, then solving this online test pack will give you the required confidence before the CPT Exam

With this, you get:

  • 9 chapter-wise tests totalling 350 questions
  • Tests covering all chapters in Micro and Macro Economics
  • Time taken per question and per paper
  • Detailed solutions for all questions
  • Chapter-wise accuracy reports and score

Note : Though you can attempt the questions once, you can review them and analyse the answers any number of times.

Scroll down to see a detailed list of tests in this package


  1. General Economics
    1. Introduction to Business Economics (25 Questions/ 100Min)
    2. Theory of Demand & Supply (50 Questions/ 120Min)
    3. Theory of Consumer Behaviour (25 Questions/ 100Min)
    4. Theory of Production and Cost (50 Questions/ 120Min)
    5. Price Determination in Different Markets (25 Questions/ 100Min)
    6. Indian Economy - A Profile (50 Questions/ 120Min)
    7. Select Aspects of Indian Economy (50 Questions/ 120Min)
    8. Economic Reforms in India (50 Questions/ 120Min)
    9. Money and Banking (25 Questions/ 100Min)
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