Quant Chapterwise Test Pack

Quant giving you sleepless nights ?

Confident of clearing CPT if Quant was not a part of the syllabus ?

Scared of failure in the CPT because of Quant ?

Thinking of quitting CA thanks to Quant ?

Finding it difficult to comprehend the concepts in Quant ?

Want to know the step-by-step analysis of each question in Quant ?

Wondering why a particular option is the correct answer ?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES, then this is the online product for you !

With this, you get:

  • 10 chapter-wise tests totalling 300 questions
  • Tests covering all chapters in Quantitative Aptitude
  • Time taken per question and per paper
  • Detailed solutions for all questions, including diagrams and graphs
  • Chapter-wise accuracy reports and score

Note : Though you can attempt the questions once, you can review them and analyse the answers any number of times.

Scroll down to see a detailed list of tests in this package


  1. Quantitative Aptitude
    1. Ratio, Proportion, Indices, Index Number and Logs (40 Questions/ 75Min)
    2. Equations and Inequalities (30 Questions/ 60Min)
    3. Simple and Compound Interest (25 Questions/ 45Min)
    4. Permutations, Combinations, Sets, Functions and Relations (40 Questions/ 90Min)
    5. Sequence and Series - AP GP (20 Questions/ 45Min)
    6. Statistical Description of Data, Measures of Central Tendency (45 Questions/ 90Min)
    7. Correlation and Regression (20 Questions/ 45Min)
    8. Limits Continuity and Calculus (30 Questions/ 90Min)
    9. Probability and Theoretical Distributions (45 Questions/ 90Min)
    10. Sampling Theory (20 Questions/ 45Min)
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